Monday, December 29, 2014

Dec. 29, 2014 Christmas miracles!

Week 28

Christmas week! Everything went as planned. Talking with my family was really fun!

So, while playing with water with my companions, I had a nice encounter with the fridge. I had turned around to run away, and I smashed my face into the corner of the fridge. My nose was bleeding a ton. My companion called several members to take me to the hospital to see if it was broken, but all of the members were busy, so he asked some man on the road and he gave us a lift. There is nothing wrong with my nose. It just went a little swolen, but Sister Canuto was not happy...

Christmas miracles:
I don't know if Christmas was a cause of the miracles, but we had 3 miracles! 
1&2 miracles were two baptism dates marked. They are cousins that we met a few weeks back, but we couldn't get any contact with them recently. We made contact with them and leando asked to be baptised, but his cousin wanted more time, so we have scheduled for this Sunday!
Miracle #3. Antonio, who has been giving us some tea and crackers every visit, decided that he would propose to his woman. Now he is one step closer to baptism!

There was a man that my companion knew in a different area that moved to pirassununga. Well, this man has a brother that is studying in the states, so he had some American candy. There was salt water taffy, peanut butter, peanut butter m&ms, airheads, starbursts, tootsierolls, and he gave it all to us! Awesome!

This Week was amazing

Elder Koby Sullivan

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