Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec. 25, 2014 skype day!

Christmas Day Skype with brothers in Brazil!

 In the MTC together for 4 weeks. This is the first time they have seen each other for 6 months.

Here is the older brother asking about the souvenir cup with a bear in it that the younger brother sent him.

Closer up of older brother saying, "What in the Heck is THIS?"
                      and the younger brother's reaction.

Another attempt at a family picture with grandma not knowing how to run a camera. :)

Seriously, had no idea this was going on behing me while I was trying to take a selfie!!!!!

NEVER would have guessed this coming from this one of my kids.....

what has happened to my sheltered child?

I still have no idea this is going on.....

Someone clued me in, so he stopped clowning around....

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