Sunday, December 28, 2014

Nov. 24, 2014

Week 18

So, this week was a bit difficult. 

As we were walking to one of our appointments, some elders were walking in the same direction. When they stopped at the door they were teaching, we were in shock because it was next door to our investigator. It turns out that we were working in the wrong area and we ended up giving five investigators over to the other elders. My companion was heart-broken.

We moved houses the other day. There are some good things and bad things. The good is that I don't have to walk to the 6th floor to get to our apartment, but the bad is that we run out of water according to the weather.... The other day I didn't get to take a shower. Now, with the new house, there are six elders on the same lot. It is basically a party everynight. 

TRANSFER WEEK!!!!! I have finally been transferred. I am going to Piracununga (Peer-uh-sue-noon-guh). It is about 3 hours away. I will be with elder Portilho (porch-eel-yo). I will not increase in rank, but as I talk to my companions, they say that he is having troubles on the mission and that I should help him get excited about the mission again. 

That is this week. 
Elder Koby Sullivan

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