Sunday, December 28, 2014

Aug 11, 2014

There was a rumor that the Walmart here has peanut butter. Last week I went to confirm this rumor and guess what! There was NO peanut butter! Ugh! 

We met with the Prezident for the first time this week. He is really nice and very stern. I could compare him to the mtc prezident, so in other words, he is way cool.

Today I am expected to make brownies for the whole zone. A lot of them have never tasted a brownie. 
We did transfers with companions. We have two doubles in our ward, so neither of us went outside of our ward. Later that night, we ate at an investigator´s house. As usual, the food was really good, but after dinner, we pelted our roommate with water balloons for his birthday :).

I had a Barbaque for the first time in brazil. The only difference from regular lunch and a barbaque is that the chicken is cooked over a fire other than in oil.

We struggle getting our investigators to church because it is too early for them. It is a little frustrating, but a member brought a friend to church and he really liked to talk to me...probably because I was really bad at speaking. 

I will tell you a little about what my mission is like. My mission has a portion of the middle of the city, so traffic is normal. Walking is hard because there is not many flat parts in the area. 
Houses are very different. I have not seen a house that has a yard and every house shares a wall. Almost like a bunch of town homes for the whole city. Actually, I think it is most of Brazil that is like this and the houses are small. 

One thing I have learned about eating. Every question they ask is a trick question. "Do you like the food? Do you want more? Are you full?" If you answer yes to the first one, they expect you to eat more, even if you can´t. The second question is a touchy one. If you say no, it is a little offensive to them. The third, if you say yes, then you probably won´t get dessert. You have to find a happy medium.

That is all I have for this week.
Elder Sullivan (the best looking one)

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