Sunday, December 28, 2014

July 2, 2014 w city pics

Language is coming slow. I think that the gift of tongues are only for talking and not understanding though....
when there is a brazil soccer game, you can tell. There are all sorts of sounds. fireworks, screaming, and horns. One person blows his horn all day everyday. We mentioned it to our teacher and he said that he wanted to rip it out and beat they with it.....he was only joking. Every goal they make their is a huge roar over the whole city that goes on forever! It gets very loud in our classroom.
love you

I decided that I wanted to listen to my mp3 the other day, but the battery was dead. I found that I didn't have a plug to charge it... I guess I can go with out.

I play the piano for the choir every tuesday (the choir consist of everybody). They are by far the worst singers in the history of singers... I almost stopped playing and asked the conductor, "are you seriously going with that?"  but tudo bem.

I found out the other day that it was our mission president that presented the age change to the quorum of the twelve. It was really exciting as he described how the people were called on their missions.
I always wondered how much longer grandma would last. It seems like she lasted just long enough for kyson and I to say a blessing and leave...

Kyson leaves this coming tuesday which means I leave in two weeks. I have not met anybody going to my mission yet. I wish I have though. the visas are coming more quickly now. there were 7 elders that came today. There haven't been that many in a long time.

I decided how I can compare my companions. Elder Willis reminds me of Braden Johnston. and Elder Hesterly reminds me of Kashton.

I didn't have too much going on this week. The language is still hard and the city is still loud.
Hope summer is going well.
love you,

I am going prosilyting this saturday. they originally had it scheduled for Friday, but brazil is playing on friday, so they moved it to saturday. good thing too. I didn't want to die during my stay at the mtc.

I've heard stories about how bad the place it where they send us. It is in the middle of the city, there are drunk people everywhere, and an Elder from Virginia said that he has never seen so many homeless poeple in one place in his entire life. I am a little nervous. I don't understand the language very well. My instructor said that I talk well, but I need to work on understanding, but I don't know how I am supposed to do that....listen to more people talk? Nobody speaks that slowly.

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