Sunday, December 28, 2014

Aug. 18, 2014

Our missionary party turned out nicely. The brownies that I made were fairly good. I think that I did something wrong.

One of my companions has P90X and for the morning, we did the Ab-ripper. We all struggled...

So, my companions have volunteered me to teach english every tuesday and thursday. I never thought that before my mission that I would ever be teaching anybody english. I am so bad at english. If you don't believe me, then ask my english teachers! 

There is this corn meal stuff that I can't scarf down, but my companions eat it like it is cereal. One day they decided to make it into corn bread. It was amazing! The best part was that none of them liked it. So I got a giant corn bread all to myself!

I had a small cold for a couple days and my companion called sister canuto, but I am feeling much better now. 
Maybe we are the worst missionaries in the world, or we are so good that we are scrapping out the bottom of the barrel, but one day, we went into a bar. There was a man that new the other companions and invited us in. He gave us all a drink of something. I don't know what it is called. I've never tasted it before.....I think it was a type of guarana though. I thought it was kind of funny to see four missionaries drinking at a bar. 

One day we went to visit the less-active members of the ward and we split up as missionaries with the ward members. It was really fun. The person I went with is maybe 20 years old. He had a dota neckless on too. The first of the two people that we visited was super excited that the missionaries were there. The second spoke some English! A lot of people only say, "how are you?", but he is one of the few that could say more.
The past few lunch appointments have been about an hours walk away. One day we had an appointment right after, so we did an hour of speed walking to get to that appointment! We were exhausted, but it was worth it because the person who we planned on teaching had three friends over. We taught them all the first lesson and they all accepted baptism! One is a little concerned because she has visited many other churches and she wants to know why our church is the only true church. I think once we get past that, then she will join.

One of the investigators that we've had for a while knows that I don't understand everything that he says, but he knows that I understand the word, "barbaque". When he says that, I notice that he is always looking at me, so I tend to respond to it. I realized the other day when he gave us some snacks that he has nicknamed me "barbaque". He kept saying, "Tome mais suco, Barbaque!" (drink more juice). Now I might be able to understand. He always says barbaque.

There is one man that has been coming to church. He likes to talk to me. He is one of the only people here that don't give up on me when I don't understand. He is not a member of the church. He told us that he loves learning in our church. Later sunday night, we saw him walking. He told us that he was going to a different church and that he has been a member of this other church for 25 years. We invited him to the english class because he loves to say, "how are you my friend?". I hope he comes. This man is the only one that comes to church. All of the investigators won't come to church because it is too early. We are continueing to invite them and visiting them.
One family that we had a lunch appointment with asked me to say the closing prayer in English! That was fun. Especially since nobody could understand me. It has been months since I said a prayer out loud in English, so I was a little confused while talking and started in Portuguese...

This week was good. I can't wait to start teaching English!

Elder Koby Sullivan

After just a few weeks of use, Koby's shoulder bag started ripping. He sent me a picture, so I could tell if it could be stitched back up.

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