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Sept. 22, 2014 tried acai

Week 9

This week was eventful with the work.

We taught a family the other week about the restoration of the gospel, but we found out that it was the wrong lesson to teach when we were leaving because when they prayed, they asked, "Why did our father have to die." We scheduled a return appointment with them. When we returned, their brother passed away the night before, so they were struggling a lot. They were relieved a bit when we taught the plan of salvation. It was very spiritual.

El, the day before her interview told us that she didn't want to be baptized. We did everything we could to help her understand the importance, but she refuses to pray and progress. That was very difficult. I have never been so close to a baptism. 

We have one investigator that gave us many refrences. During a lesson, she invited a lady off of the street. When she found out that I was from the US, she asked if I wanted to get married and take her companion jumped on that question faster than I could translate it, haha! 

My companion became sick for a couple of days, so I didn't work for a day. The american had a problem with his foot one of the days, so instead of having two companions stay at home, we did a transfer.

I never knew that Jehovah's Witnesses were such big enemies with the Mormons until I got on my mission. The JWs are so nice, but they always try to tell us how wrong we are at the same time. It is really weird. 

My companion and I went to a restuarant called Habib's. It is supposed to be Arabian food, but it was pretty much mini pizzas. We also went to Piraçaí. They have a fruit that is only in Brazil called açaí (Ah-sigh-eee). It looks like a grape and a blueberry mixed. They served it is an icecream form and it was amazing!

It was a great week
Elder Koby Sullivan

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