Sunday, December 28, 2014

Oct. 6, 2014

Week 11

So, obiously conference was amazing. We stayed in the stake center from 1:00 until 11:00 pm on Saturday. It was long, but very fun. We had our own separate room for all of the americans. We did not have subtitles, but the actual broadcast. 

Last week, we ran out of money. I was hungry, so I made myself some rice (which was all we had) I thought it would be alright...boy was I wrong. Plain rice is awful. I then added some salt and pepper which didn't make the rice anybetter. I was thinking anything could make this better, right? wrong. I added some hot sauce, but that just made it tastless and spicy. I then added oregano... oregano should never touch rice. EVER! I ate it all, but I regreted every minute. I am going to use my money alone from now on. 

My companion has a theory of teaching. Go on a division and have the two new americans go alone and try to teach everybody..... It went better than expected. We didn't understand many of them. 

One lady came up to us on the street and she was crying. She invited us into her house and explained that her son was caught up in some sort of problem. We gave her a lesson then left. She promissed that she would go to church. We passed her on the street again and she asked if she would have to be baptized again. We told her that she did, and she said, "okay, I will get baptized then" That was really great.

Fun week,
Elder Koby Sullivan

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