Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec. 1, 2014 new transfer + new companion

Week 19

Tranfers :)

I have fallen in love with Pirassununga. Everything here is so much better, other than the fact that we live about an hour away from our ward.... yeah, imagine having to walk an hour to enter into the prosilyting boundaries. My companion and I are drained from that. 

The bus ride here was nice. It took two hours to get here, and I almost missed the bus with some other elders because we read the ticket wrong.... but we made it!

My companion (Elder Portilho) is really cool. We are really good friends right now. He is from Bethlehem, Brazil :). He only has ten months on the field. 

Here in Pirassununga, it rains, a lot. One of the pairs of shoes I have has a whole, so.... the first day when I wore them, I had wet feet the entire day. It isn't too easy to return to the house to change shoes, because the house is over an hour away. 

Pirassununga is a lot more rich than Piracicaba, so the people are a little bit more difficult. We spent our first day knocking on doors and walked into 0 houses. Four hours of knocking on people.....:). It is a good thing that we already have investigators, or we would not have taught anybody that day. 

We have one really nice investigator. His name is Ant. He has a small garden by his house and every night we visit him and every night, he gives us tea from his garden. It is amazing. Right now, he just needs to get married, then he will be baptized. 

Thanksgiving... we kind of forgot about it. Later that night we remembered, so we went and got some ice cream :)

We had a Christmas dinner with the ward on Saturday. It was almost exactly the same as at home. The only thing different was the food, but even then, they were pretty close. Rice, Beans, creamed corn, turkey, and salads. 

Sundays are really cool. The pianist in the ward was having troubles with a song, so she came and asked me to play it during sacrament. It caught me off-gaurd, but I could do it. 
Every Sunday, we visit a little old lady and give her sacrament, and every Sunday, she gives us snacks. Normally the snack is bread with Nutella. I will tell you something about Nutella. Nutella is basically gold here on the mission. It is something that everybody wants, but cost to much to pay for it. Your day is successful if you have eaten Nutella.

Pictures to come when I remember my cord...

Elder Koby Sullivan

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