Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sept. 1, 2014

Week 6

I love the food here. I tried salgados this week. They are pretty much pizza pockets and they are amazing. I am always excited for sacrament because the bread is usually homemade and it is the best bread that I have ever tasted. They also have this thing called panquecas. they are not pancakes, they are similar to echiladas. I can't get enough of those. 

We have been doing very well with the less active members of the ward. They get really excited when they see the missionaries at their door. I think that I will visit them more often.

 We have been inviting the less actives to the ward conference that was on sunday. I participated in the choir with all of the other elders and the whole choir had matching ties and scarfs!

Yesterday it got really windy and the power went out at our house. It came back on, but the lights were very dim. 

We recieved all of the transfers today. I am staying in the same area, but I will receive a new trainer and the other double is getting split and an american is going to be trained in the same ward as me!

One day during lunch, a brother did a little game with us. I can't put it on the computer  
Basically, They made it seem like we were floating in the air and then they had us jump. 
I will try a different way to send it separately.

My english class is alright. I am not the best at teaching and there aren't very many people that come. I talk in english, so nobody understands what I am saying. I hope with this new american, we can do better.
Not too much this week

Elder Koby Sullivan

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