Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oct. 13, 2015 one year and 4 months completed

          69 weeks... 1 year and 4 months

Our P-day was switched because of the holiday that they have here in Brazil. It is "Kid Day". there were a bunch of festivals and bouncy houses all over town. It was a little inconvenient becasue they told us that our p-day was switched to tuesday monday morning. So, we had nothing scheduled on monday, but we have a ton scheduled for today.... We basically don´t have a P-day.

We had a Multi-Zone conference this week. It went really well. It is always fun to hear the president give advice. It helps us understand how we need to work better and we get excited again about the work. 

Valkiria and Eduardo are going to be married in December. They don´t work, so they are going to get married for free, so that takes a lot of work off of our shoulders. 

We are still looking for people to teach. Everyone that we teach doesn´t do what we ask, so they can´t progress as an investigator. We have to let the those people on their way. President is starting to push everyone to do 500 contacts per week. We are already struggling with 300. It isn´t a rule yet, but I think in the future he will put it into play.

Elder Sullivan

Oct. 5, 2015 why shut off the water before you fix a sink?

         Week 68

Well. This week didn´t happen as planned. The only thing that seemed to go right was the English Class. (I have to thank Junior for helping me be able to teach english and learn all of the rules. Now I can have effective classes that won´t bore everyone out.) We had nobody the first week, then we had two people the second week, and now on the third week, we had 15! Maybe we can get something out of it :)

We literally found nobody this week. When I was giving up, I saw an old lady sweeping the sidewalk. I offered to help. After I was done I went to talk to her. What does she do? She tries to bible bash with me! She was at least 80 years old....I was thinking, "What are you trying to do? You have no idea what you´re saying." I didn´t even stay to bible bash. #Servicefail....

Our house is falling apart. I believe that our washing machine will break here in one week. Then, we will start washing our clothes by hand.... Our Kitchen sink broke, but we were able to fix it. We didn´t know where the water shut-off valve was, so there was a ton of water everywhere.

Elder Koby Sullivan

Sept. 29, 2015 lots of tracting

         Week 67

Well, this week didn´t have too much that when on.

We had an investigator who went to church. Her name is Valkiria. She is basically married to a member right now, so he took her to church. He is less active and he doesn´t want to go back unless she goes with him. It´ll be fun to bring her into the church.

We tried to do an open house with the church, but it didn´t turn out as planned. We had very few people enter. Maybe it was poorly advertized. I wish that it could´ve done better. 

My former companion, E. Nunes, is teaching me capoeira. Just on P-days because our house is really small. We have to move everything in the house just to do a little bit. It is a great work-out. I am basically just on the defensive side while he thows all sorts of things at me... folgado....

Other than that, tracting, and lot of it.

Elder Koby Sullivan

Sept. 21, 2015 a fruit getting baptized

         Week 66

This week went really well for me other than it was extremely hot and I felt dehydrated all day, even if I was drinking two cups of water at each house we knocked on. (I don´t know if that sentence made sense, but you get the idea.)

I went on splits with the DL and I learned a lot with him. He is on his last transfer, so he knows quite a bit. We found one lady who was curious about the baptisms for the dead. She called us crazy. A couple of days later, I went there with my normal companion and taught her why we do the baptisms. She understood pretty well. At the end, I asked, "Did that answer your question?" and she said, "yes, but now I have a lot more questions because I believed in one thing, but now...." I told her that the next time we would answer all of her questions. It was clear to me that she was doubting what she was taught all of her life. I felt really good with that lesson.

We have been teaching a girl who is 14. We invited her to baptism, but she doesn't want to follow our church because it is different. She said that even if it were the true church, she wouldn't follow. I have let her go as an investigator, but all of the members keep telling us to go back, so I guess I will go back in the future.

My English class didn't go well because nobody showed up....

We are teaching a really cool family that understood our message  well (which is really rare because the people aren't too educated here.). However, it is a family that is very unprepared for the baptism. They are not married, the father smokes a lot and the daughters have a horrible problem with the 7th commandment...We'll try our best.

I just heard from my other area that Nicole (the one who smokes weed) will be baptized this week! Elder Nunes and I are really excited because she is our "fruit"!


Elder Koby Sullivan