Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb. 16, 2015 got lost and found a river

          Month 8

We found a thrift store in our area. It was really cheap, but they had nothing that fit me. We found church pants and shoes for only 1R$!!!! They had everything, but nothing worked for me unfortunately... people are smaller here. 

We had an emergency division on Thursday because appearently my companion was wanting to go home. I had just talked with him and he told me what he was feeling, but it was something that every missionary goes through, so I didn't think much of it, but he almost called to go home. Luckly the zone leaders called for an emergency division just before he called. He is better now. They talked him into his senses.

Carnaval has started. What does that mean? Iniquity....Don't enter the center of the city. My city is small but still really bad. I can only imagine the northern part of brazil.

Valentines day we did another division with the District Leader. I stayed with the american, E. Lowder. We had planned to do a bunch that day, but then we got a little lost and ended up at the end of the city. We saw a sign that said that the Waterfall was up that road, but it didn't say how far. We started up that road and walked a good three hours....We found the waterfall though!! :) The waterfall wasn't too impresive, but the river was. I have never seen a river so big! (pics below). I would return there.

The week was good. I hope yours was :)

Elder Koby Sullivan

The start of our walk:

It's green here.

more green.

I saw a crane.

biggest river I have ever seen.

Koby on bridge crossing: Cachoeira de Emas

Doing a split with another American, Elder Lowder.


This is a picture of the bridge we were on.

I don't know why I took this picture.

More pictures of the river. (If you could see a bigger picture of this, there is a beach close to that house where it is a popular swimming spot for people. Thanx: Google maps.)

A cool sidewalk.

Feb. 9, 2015

          34 weeks

We met a kid this week. We taught him and his grandma about the restauration. The grandma was a bit crazy, so we basically just talked with the kid. He accepted the lesson really well. We told him to tell his parents that we stopped by. We called him a couple of days later and he said that his mom did not allow him to read the book and that he should throw it away. Really? How bad could a book about Jesus be? He still held onto it. I know that he knows our religion is correct.

I had a weird dream the other night. I had the need to  say a prayer, so I woke up, knelt down, and prayed. In the middle of the prayer I thought, "what are you doing? It's 2 in the morning, go to sleep!" I then finished my prayer and went to sleep. It was just really weird.

The wedding is on. We have the date set and we got the bishop involved in a ceremony. We will baptize the family the day after. It will be a packed weekend! 

That was about it for this week.

Elder Koby Sullivan

Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb. 2, 2015 didn't get mugged!

          Week 33

This week was interesting. 

As An has accepted to get married, all of his friends want to get married if he does, but you have to have at least a 40 days notice, so the marriage is on the 27 of february. It is really hard to plan this wedding and it is only a basic wedding! 

I encountered a one-legged man the other day. He crawled out of a car yelling, "help!" we went to go see the problem and he told me to call the police. I responded that I didn't have a cell phone. So, when he handed me his, I told him that I didn't speak portuguese. He told me to go to #@!!. The guy in the car was his brother and said that he was really drunk. We could tell. When we shook there hands goodbye, the one-legged man grabbed me like he was going to start hitting me, but luckly I pulled away....

That wasn't the only close call. We wanted to see what the University looked like that was by our house. We started walking up what looked like an abandoned road. Half way up the road, my companion yell, "look!" There was a man who jumped out from behind brush and started attacking to guys on a bike! I saw a police car on the road above us. My companion started running up a hill to flee and told me to follow him, then the police car came zooming on the road that we were on. It turns out that it was a police man that was in the brush busting a few people. My companion brought to my attention that we were saved. If those two on the bike would have gotten to us, then we would have been mugged. The lord is on our side :)

That is some events that happened with me this week.

Elder Koby Sullivan