Sunday, December 28, 2014

Nov. 3, 2014 pics from blog

Week 15

This week was packed with all sorts of cool stuff. 

It started with the multi-zone conference. We were all lined up to shake the president's hand, and the Elder behind me asked me where I was from. I told him Utah, then he replied, "hey, me too! What part?" When I told him that I was from St. George, he responded, "Hey! Me too!" We were both stoked about this encounter. We asked eachother for the first name. His name is Cutter David. We were great friends in 2nd grade, but when I switched schools, I never saw him again. What are the odds of meeting him again on the same mission?! That made my week, but my camera ran out of batteries just when I was trying to get a picture with him...

One day, a man tried to bible bash with us. My companion won... more like destroyed him. My companion knows the bible better than anyone else I know.

We have a lot of crazy people on our mission. I had a unique experience with one. We were waiting in front of the chapel to get an interview, and a man pushed me a little bit and started yelling at me. He began to threaten me. My companion was talking with other people, so he had a smile on his face. When the guy saw the smile, he told my companion that he was going to kill him. He then said, "After I kill you, I am going to kill your companion, because he is German, and I don't like Germans!" ......Wow..... I didn't know how to respond. This man really wanted to kill us. We told him that we were missionaries of this church. He paused, then said that he was really sorry. By the end, we recieved his address :) 
I wasn't really scared, more like confused. I was thinking "Is he saying that he wants to kill me? Does he realize that he doesn't have any weapon with him and there are five of us? Do I tell him that I am American or will that make things worse?" It was exciting. 

After the man wanted to kill us, we went into an interview. This interview was for a blogsite. He interviewed us about the church. You guys should look at it. It has my picture with my companion and the bishop and a counsilor of the stake president. We talked with him for a good hour or so.

One lunch appointment we had was really funny, but sad at the same time. They have a little daughter about four years old. Her dad put her in the bathroom. She turned the key and took the key out, so she was locked in. Well, she doesn't know how to unlock it, and the parents didn't have a key to get in. The dad was saying, "If she wants to get out, then she will have to figure it out," while the mom was freaking out trying to direct the little girl on how to unlock the door. We left before we saw the solution, but I know that she got out! :)

Pretty eventful week.

Elder Koby Sullivan

These are the pictures that were on that blog:

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