Sunday, December 28, 2014

Aug. 25, 2014

 We haven't been having very much success in my area. Nobody will come to church! They promise the night before, we call them the morning of, and we go to pick them up! Nothing! I want a baptism, but we can't have that unless people progress, and they don't progress until they go to church!

We have a couple investigators in the same family. They have a lot of questions about the church. Their biggest concern is the Baptisms for the dead. We told them that we will explain more later. The second visit, they realized that there are many churches in existance and they don't want to choose the wrong one because of tithing. One of them read the BoM and she said that she felt good and peaceful! I struggle with the language, so I have a difficult time dicserning the needs of the investigators, but when I clear them up with my companion after, I let him know what we should do and he likes to use my imput.

One investigator, Jul, lives outside of our boundaries, so we are going to send the sister missionaries to her, but the area she lives in is called, sao jorge! saint george!!!

I really like the bishop in my area. He is way cool and he knows about as much english as I know portugues. The other day when we were on transfers with the ward members, he sat and talked with me for about an hour. He taught me a lot. Especially on how to get members to like you.

The other day we were at choir. The bishop leads the choir. One lady gave me a cake cookie thing. When I was eating it, the bishop saw me and called me out. He ripped a piece of paper and walked toward me. I was confused at first, but then I realized that he thought that I was chewing gum! I didn't know how to say gum in portuguese, so I couldn't say anything, but everybody around me explained to him that I was eating something else. Haha!

Have you ever tried cheese bread? It isn't cheese in the bread, but rather the cheese is the bread. It lookes like a cookie, smells like a cookie, but tastes nothing like a cookie! It tastes really good, but at the same time it is depressing because it is not a cookie! 

My companions try to take advantage of me. The other day they wanted to make pizza, but it would have costed 7 R$. I did some math and I found that I can only spend about 6R$ each day for food. I had already spent some money so I told them that I didn't want pizza and that they could eat it on their own. Well, after that, they said that I should buy eggs. I asked why and they responded, "to eat." The eggs just happened to cost 7R$ so I knew what they were trying to do. I didn't end up buying the eggs and later that night one of them said," you didn't buy eggs? How are we supposed to eat pizza?"....haha! I'm new, not dumb.

The state of Sao Paulo is in a drought right now. My companions say that it hasn't really rained for 10 months. Now they want me to conserve water....haha. I'm from the desert!...Desert doesn't translate correctly over to portuguese. It means wilderness....

Elder Koby Sullivan

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