Sunday, December 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 first letter from the field w pics

Today is my first p-day on the field. It is about time!

My last p-day was two weeks ago. I saw a drug bust for the first time. My companions and I thought it was yoga, but then we saw the cops.

I had a push-up contest, but I lost.....

When we were doing the 8 hour orientation for the field on the last day. My companion kept taking my chair and forced me to sit far away, so one time I took the chair as he was sitting down and he fell on his butt :) he never took my chair again.

We left at about 6 in the morning to Piracicaba. I wrote this as we were going:

This is crazy! The fog was all over, so I didn't see too much, but when the fog cleared up, it was like I was in a different world. Almost like Pirates of the carrabean, but no water. 
These Hispanics next to me have no personal bubble. They move around as if I was not near them. They lean on me to talk to eachother....what did he just throw out the window?!
The green has faded away and it looks more like a desert. There is also red dirt! Welcome home!...Nevermind, this city has 51 alchoholic companies. 
This city is a lot bigger than I expected. I think that it is bigger than salt lake.... It is exactly like a mini sao paulo. It smell like crap. Literally.

My companion that I received has been out on the field for a year and a half. He is kind of quiet. Our apartment also has one other companionship. They are crazy wild. They want to learn english and go to byu, but I need to learn portuguese first.

I only taught one lesson in this entire week. I don't really know what to do. Nobody tells me anything. One time I asked my companion where we were going and he just went on some tangent about zones and district leaders and stuff like that. All I wanted him to say was, "prosilyting" or "the church" or some "one word" answer so that I would understand, but I don't understand him. When I don't understand him, he gets stressed out.
I receive about about 110 reals every 2 weeks or about 50 bucks. I use about 1 real a day because we don't go to the store often and the members feed us a big lunch. So I only eat a big lunch and a snack. Sometimes I get really hungry though.

This place is so unhealthy. There is dog crap on the side walk everywhere. Everyone smokes. The water is not filtered, so you only drink soda. Lots of people are drunk. Many people are homeless as well as many dogs. Seriously, if God decides to let me have leporacy, then I wouldn't be surprised.

The other day, my companion and I were walking at night, and a dog was barking at us. It was little so when it ran from the car and started barking at us from a distance we were cautious, but still continued walking. Then there was a big dog that come from behind it and it started chasing us. Haha! That was so terrifying! It didn't chase us too far, so that is good.

I love talking to the kids. They have a smaller vocabulary than me, so I can understand them.

It is really fun to watch their face light up when they find that my name is Sullivan like off of monsters inc.
I enjoy it here. It is an adventure.
Love, Koby

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