Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec. 15, 2014 Christ statue

Week 26

I got a chance to visit the Christ statue this week. It was a mimic, but it was still pretty cool. It sits at the entrance of the city, so we walked pretty far. Photos are really hard on this computer. It will only allow the strange format that I have been sending. 

My companions and I decided to do our own barbaque. It was really fun. Especially because they didn't know how to start a fire and got burned a few times in the process. They didn't like the way I was going to start it, so I stayed out of it. It ended with only a few 2nd degree burns and some really good meat :)

Six months has come and gone. As a tradition, Elders burn their ties. Well, I had received a tie several months ago that was so ugly that when I tried to give it away, I was denied by every elder. Nobody wanted the tie! As I went to burn it, it didn't burn.... The fire only melted the edges, so I gave up. 

My knee has been acting up again lately, so I was forced to stay at home for a day. 

Boa semana para vocĂȘs

Elder Koby Sullivan

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