Sunday, December 28, 2014

June 18, 2014 w pics

 Kyson's note home: I was recently asked to play the piano for a devocional. I dont know why cuz i said i was a beginner haha. i told them i needed to practice and told them that they had the wrong sullivan haha. She said she would ask koby and i told her that this week i could play prelude but not ready to play for the congregation.

June 18
It is a party here, literally. the president came and checked for everyone to be in their rooms because somebody threw a party the night before. I didn't go, so don't worry. That's awesome for kinzie (she made the allstar team.)
On sunday kyson volunteered me to play the piano, so i played all of the songs.

I was asked to play the piano for the choir the other day. Our investigator was leading the choir....haha.

The food is diferent, especially the desserts. they are almost like pudding with cake badder in it. It is not the best texture in the world.

The ctm is really fun though. i enjoy being with all of the elders and sisters here. We are learning fairly quickly because we got the best instructors. Everyone is jealous about how fast we are learning with our instructors. I am still bad a Portuguese, I can answer the basic questions, "where are you from, where are you going, and what's your name?"

There are all sorts of noises here. There are car horns, fireworks, screaming, and some air conditioning unit outside my room that sounds like it is going to explode....

I learned a new word the other day, entende. i did not know what it meant for a long time and everyone just kept saying it. I thought it meant "do you understand?" and it does. the other day somebody asked me that and i said yes, but my face said no, so she kept asking it. because she kept asking, i began to doubt myself. then she tried to explain it in Portuguese so i fell even more out of it. That was the only problem so far(:

I almost forgot to tell you, when i was playing for the choir, I made Kyson play the prelude. Then, I made him translate for me so i knew when to play. We only see each other at night, so we get along.

I got five pairs of garments today for 22 reals, or ten bucks. i don't think i needed that many, but i got it anyway.

The weather is great, it ranges from about 20-24 here everyday. The people are extremely friendly. They all give hugs....even after workouts when we are all sweaty. I enjoy this experience, I have learned a lot and they only speak in portuguese. I might be gaining weight because they feed us so much, but i doubt it. We have to climb six floors everyday to get to our rooms. we are not allowed to use the elevators... my time was only short last week because we had to eat in ten minutes, now they give us 45 min.

That lady that sent the picture was waiting for her flight as we were. When it was time to board, nobody was boarding. ten minutes later i went to check where the flight was going and it said san diego. The flight had changed terminals within the hour that we were sitting there.
love you all,

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