Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jan. 26, 2015 I ate armadillo!!

          week 32

This week was interesting. 

We went to Em's family to persuade them that the church was true and we gave an awesome lesson, but when we finished, his mom said to us, "Look..."(at that moment, we knew she would reject it. "I believe that your church is true, but not from your message.".....What?...."I believe that it is true because of Em's baptism. He has been acting so much better and happier." YES!!! "But..." NO!! "I need something to change in my heart before I will change religions." Well. I guess we will just give her time. They later invited us to a Barbaque and showed us what we were going to eat. Then, they gave me a nice big frozen armadillo.... gross!!!

At our barbaque, I grabbed a normal amount of food. Then, Em's mom walk in and said, "Why are you so shy?!! You are not allowed to be shy in my house!!!" Then she dumped a huge plate of meat and armadillo on my plate. I couldn't eat it all and she told me to go get more so she was grabbing my plate. I pleaded, no, and told her that I would get some later. I didn't finish all of my food...

One day it decided to rain... no. One day God decided to dump a bucket on the city. It rained for about an hour, but that was enough to flood the streets to the point where bags of trash were floating down the road and people would fall over trying to cross the road. It broke several roads, knocked down trees, and got my bed all wet... :(

We met one lady at the soccer courts who was watching her grandson. My companion said that he doesn't want to talk to her because he knew that type of religion and they don't accept anything. Well, she came to us. We told her about the plan of salvation and it led into the restoration to her accepting baptism, but not now. She had been afraid that she was baptized incorrectly in the Catholic religion. She is now in an adventurist church? Whatever that is. Golden investigator. We will meet her again in the future.

Elder Koby Sullivan

On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 2:34 PM, <muddyjob> wrote:

so, you have a frozen armadillo in your freezer? I will never be able to say that.....lol

On 26.01.2015 09:36, Koby Sullivan wrote:
no. They had it. We ate there.

On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 3:04 PM, <muddyjob> wrote:

why is there no pie in koby's face?

On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 3:05 PM, Koby Sullivan <koby.sullivan> wrote:
I pied other people's faces, but I can't find that pic

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jan. 19, 2015 1st baptism!

          Week 31

Have you ever had fish eggs? yeah, they are the weirdest textured food ever.

We got a little raise in the money we receive every two weeks, so what did we buy? Subway! Guess how much we paid on a 6 inch sandwich. (hint: it was called the cheap of the day.) 


We also bought a hamburger called "x-tudo" or extra everything. It is basically a heart attack on a bun. I have been feeling that burger the entire week. It has started to wear off now. 


The week went really well. In fact, I had a suprize BAPTISM!!!
We invited our investigator's son, Em, to be baptized and he accepted, so we scheduled the date for Sunday. My companion wanted me to baptize him, so he told Em how awesome it would be to be the my first baptism. Em smiled and wanted me to baptize him. 

He is really quiet and the way we got him to accept us is from us visiting him at the soccer courts. The baptism was awesome. Now we have to convince the parents why they should join our church and not stay as a Catholic. Catholisism is basically their culture.

Em and I after the baptism.

Em's family

That is it for this week

Elder Koby Sullivan

On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 3:29 PM, <muddyjob> wrote:
 Was the sandwich $5? and the big burger $7?

On 19.01.2015 10:30, Koby Sullivan wrote: 
Guess again. More expensive

On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 3:35 PM, <muddyjob> wrote: 
 since the sign behind you says 16, I am gonna guess 16$R.
and the big burger 20$R?

On 19.01.2015 10:36, Koby Sullivan wrote:
close. It was 14$r for the burgur and 8R$ for the six inch sandwich.

On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 3:42 PM, <muddyjob> wrote:
how does that translate to dollars. is it like 2.39 real for 1 dollar?

On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 3:43 PM, Koby Sullivan <koby.sullivan> wrote:
I think. I heard that it is 39 cents is 1 real.

Maybe it isn´t so bad of price with american money, but the wages are the same down here and the money is worth less.

From Elder Kyson, a few hours south in Caucaia, Brasil: 
it was ~12 R$. about 5 bucks. youre nuts i wouldnt ever go there. its pretty expensive. everytime i go i turn around and walk out crying empty handed. haha. 

that is rain, not fog

got my bag wet when I took the picture

Monday, January 12, 2015

Jan. 12, 2015 hot and humid

          Month 7

This week has been pretty hot. They said it has been sitting around 45 C with humidity. I think that is about 115 F. We basically die on the road. It rains at night, so that brings in the humidity. 

Happy Birthday to my companion! We celebrated at all of the investigators' houses and each one of them gave us cake. Talk about fattening! I don't want to eat any more cake for a few months. 

I started teaching some recent-converts piano. It was actually really fun. I am teaching them piano in the form of English. They don't use letters for notes. They use the "do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti". I basically told them to forget that... Maybe I will use piano lessons for some investigators. I think that will help. 

We visited the Lady who was in the hospital the other day. My companion had me give her a blessing and dedicate her house. It was a little difficult, but I did it!

Not too much happened this week. 

Elder Koby Sullivan

Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan. 5, 2015 pics of rain

Week 29

The weather has been really...exciting this week. It has been extremely hot. One day, it began to rain. My companion and I took cover on a soccer court that had a roof. Well, inside the court was one of the sons of our new investigator and his friend. While we waited for the rain to pass, we played a little bit of soccer and showed the too kids that we are normal people. During that time, I have never seen rain so strong. The streets were flooded in ten minutes. The side of the court began to flood and started to pour into the court and got my bag and scriptures wet....great. It was fun though. The two kids came to sacrament Sunday. 

Our scheduled baptism was canceled again. His grandma had to go to the hospital, so we will give them some time for her to recover. We visited the grandma when she returned home. 

New Years is full of action. We spent the afternoon with a neighbor. They made a barbaque with some different meats. I ended up eating Pumba from "the lions king" and the maskot from the World Cup. I think it is an armadillo. That was my favorite one :). They ended up sending us home with a bunch of food.

I am teaching an investigator from a different ward English. He is a bit crazy. He really likes to talk about all religions. He likes our religion the best. He told us about his neighbor who said, I will never accept those missionaries because they don't believe in Jesus". His response? He threw a Book of Mormon at her and yelled, "read it! Then tell me that they don't believe in Jesus!". Haha! 

Transfers are tomorrow, but I stay here with my companion! He is really cool. I am excited.

Elder Koby Sullivan