Sunday, December 28, 2014

July 16, 2014 w pics of CTM companions

Thank you for sending my letter. I was going to remind you today, so thanks.

the language is getting a lot easier. I have a lot to learn, but I can do a lot more. It is amazing how much you learn in a week. We have finished all of the grammer lessons and my teachers are amazing. One of the teachers is awesome at the piano and is normally conducting the choir while I play. He was going to go to USU, but he couldn't get a visa, so now he is going to england. 

Sometimes I wish that not so many people write to me so I am not freaking out on pday. I am always wondering how I will be able to do everything in this amount of time.

I met all of the brazilians going to my mission. most of them speak english as well.
They wouldn't let me get a picture at the temple and it was really dissappointing. I will try to get a picture of everything else though.

Everything is the same each week. I bought a tie! I really like it. It was ten reals.

I guess I am the person that everyone can look up to because I am the most experienced. I have met a few Elders and sisters that I could get a connection to. Elder Ramsbottom did gymnastics and goes to USU with Kyson and might do cheer in a couple of years with me. another kid is from hurricane. One of the sister's best friends is the girlfriend of Danny sullivan. We have a few people from england and australia. the people are cool.

I don't know what else to say about this week, I will have a lot for next time though :)

that fog sounds scary. I am going to my mission by van, but I prefer the van because then I can see the scenary on my way there. I can't wait! Only portuguese? that will be fun.

they call the red necks in brazil caipira

Elder Del Gado

CTM President Swenson and Sister Swenson

Elder Hale (the CTM executive secretary) and Sister Hale (the music coordinator).

The Hales are from Idaho.

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