Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec, 22, 2014 christmas party pics

Week 27

So, I have been trying a bunch of foods. I bought a hamburgur here for 6...That was a mistake. It was like a hamburger off of the dollar menu at mcdonalds. I also tried the lengandary Caldo de Cana which looks like bamboo juice, but it is actually juice from sugarcane. It was good, but different. I made peanut butter with little peanut candies and condensed milk. It turned out pretty close! That is an excitement. I have also just gained a big container of protein powder!

We had our Christmas party this week. It was the really fun to talk with my friends, meet new friends, to gift our secret gifts away, and to get a letter from home :). We traveled about an hour to the party which was at Rio Claro.

Elder Contini. My best friend from the other zone.

Elder Cutter David. My friend from 2nd grade.

Elder Domingos. I am teaching him English

The pianist didn't come to church on Sunday, so guess who got to play :)

Here in brazil, they have some knatts. These knatts are very quick and extremely hard to kill and they bite.... I am getting more skilled at killing the knatts, but they still get the better of me and it makes it hard to sleep when the bottom of your feet are bitten. Creme doesn't help the bottom of your feet.:(  I have come with a solution to kill them faster. I will buy a bug zapper. And, if I am lucky, it will be reimbursable, because it is my health. I don't want to get dangue.

The baptism was canceled because our investigator went on a vacation. We don't know when he will return, or if he will return, but we are praying. 

There was an emergency transfer today and now I am senior companion! 

I am really excited for christmas!

Elder Koby Sullivan

My area and companion

Barbaque and My companion

More water fights!

Putting up a roof at a house.

Orange flower that sleeps at night. They are normally red.

Dog that smells us a block away



I drank that.....

stormy Christ.

(This is not the real one, the huge one, in Rio. This is a replica.)

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