Sunday, December 28, 2014

June 25, 2014

June 25
I can't speak the language very well. My biggest problem is the vocabulary. I can almost do a conversation, but everyone speaks way too fast.

The other day I jammed my finger during volleyball, but it wasn't bad enough that I can't play the piano. Sis. Hale is the music coordinator and I am always asked to play for the choir, but they just assume that I will play for the congregation during church. I don't mind.

Elder Haynie (virginia) tells everybody that I am his gift from HF. If anyone is the rule breaker her it is Elder Haynie. Our districts are pretty much combined. He is hillarious, but a horrible influence....don't worry, I won't follow his example.

Kyson does keep the rules except for when he comes to my room without his companion, but the president walked by one time and was totally cool with it.

The party they threw was not a drinking party. There were just people who stayed up until midnight.
I go to the temple every p day before writing home. It takes about an hour to get there. I was talking to a few brazilians and I met some from Piracicaba and others say that the place is full of red necks. Everytime I see them, they call  me a red neck and it is so funny.

I have been committing a weird sin.... I laugh way too much. I can't look at some Elders because I know that I will laugh.

I haven't been outside all that much. I've been out once and it was the most gheto experience that I have ever seen. We couldn't talk to the people. The sidewalks aren't flat. It looks like they dumped the concrete on the ground and that was it. The only birds I have seen are pigeons. I saw a cool insect that looked exactly like a leaf though.

I am having a great spiritual experience everyday. One of my companions dad said to him before he left, "If I didn't have a family and home to come back to, I would thump you on the head and take your place."

Language is hard. I am learning slowly, but I am sure I will get it. I don't stress as much as other missionaries. One missionary claims that he does not have the gift of tongues.... I can testify of that :)

Love, Koby

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