Sunday, December 28, 2014

Oct. 20, 2014 new companion

Week 13

I received a new companion this week! My new companion's name is Elder Gabriel. He is from Espirito Santo (Holy Ghost), Brazil. He is very loving and respectful. This guy is awesome. He works hard and very effectively. He has had both of my other companions, so he knows what I know, and he knows what I still need to learn. He is new to the area, so I take him to all of the people. I have been visiting with my other companions. He loves to work with the members, so there are definetly advantages there. 

I have been craving Ice cream this week, so I was about to buy some, but the place I went to was too expensive, so I told my companion that we should go to a different area, but we had an appointment with a member. I was thinking, "maybe another day," but then the member gave us as much ice cream as we wanted! Not just that day, but the next couple of days different members have been giving me ice cream! Because it is over 100 F here, the ice cream tasted even better. 

Sunday was Daylight savings here. We are now one hour sooner.... That means one less hour of sleep.

This week, we didn't really look for new people. We went to the people that we've already contacted, and worked with them. My companion knows probably every scripture in the bible. 

The investigator that is progressing the most is Paulo. When I was with elder tomaz, we contacted his girlfriend at the house (Ros). She lives with her mom, con. (con-). They were pretty good investigators. We visited and began teaching Con and in the middle of the lesson, Pau showed up. We taught them both about the restauration of the gospel. Pau read the BoM by the next day when we visited him again. We invited him to church and he came!!!! I have not had anybody except El (who doesn´t want us anymore) come to church. He brought his girlfriend, whom I taught with E. Tomaz, and Con. We are really excited about that and we are hoping for a baptism soon.

So, I fail as a missionary at times. I am still blonde..... I made a contact in the road. This lady already received missionaries a long time ago and would like to receive them again. When I was asking for the address, I forgot the house number. We went to the street asking for the lady, but nobody knew who she was. There was one family that tried to help a lot. They took us up and down the street looking for the lady, but we never found her. We asked if we could share a message with that family and they accepted. It turns out that they don't have a religion and they are looking for the right religion, but they don't know where to find it....Hey! Over here!!!..... They really liked the lesson of the restauration. We were there until it was curfew, then they offered us a ride back to our house (which was an hours worth of walking). They couldn't come to church because they already had an appointment, but they plan on coming the next week. 

We are sure to have a baptism this transfer! I can't wait!

Elder Koby Sullivan

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