Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sept, 18, 2014 w pics

Week 8

So my lover, El, has accepted baptism. It took a little of convincing, but she accepted. She has a problem with the Word of Wisdom. She smokes 2 packs every day. That is about 40 cigarettes a day. We commited her to live the WoW and when we checked up on her two days later, she only smoked 10 per day! That was a huge improvement!

We had a mission tour this week. In other words, one of the seventy came and talked to us. Of course I zoned out for some of the parts. I was exausted of all of the Portuguese. After the talk, he came and spoke some English with me! He showed me a few scriptures that he shared and said, "now you know what I was talking about" :) I can't remember his name to save the life of me. 

My new companion and I are exausted. He walks really fast and talks to everyone. We leave many messages, but until they come to church, they can't progress.

In our zone last week, we won the t-shirt for most contacts in a week out of the zone. It think that we did 250ish. 

I don't like the shirt, it doesn't drive me to do better, but I will continue to do what is right.
I gave my first blessing in Portuguese the other day. That was insanely difficult. The name was the hardest part! 

They have four names and it goes on forever! It was all good though. She told me that she knew people from my city and that she has pictures and will show me in a few days.
Great week!

Elder Koby Sullivan

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