Monday, April 27, 2015

Apr. 27, 2015 a Brazilian girl has a crush on me

          Week 45

I just got done helping a member move houses. They went from an extremely small house to a not so small house. 

The american that is living with me, Elder Lowder, has been practicing breakdancing on the porch of our house. I got a little curious, becuase I can already do the handstand, and now he is teaching me a few things. I can basically do one flare on the ground and one full twist on the handstand. I hope I can get this thing down :)

Monday last week, we visited one of our newer investigator. This investigator has a daughter really pretty. Well, this really pretty girl gave me a note with her perfume and everything. It made me so happy. When I got home I started to brag to everyone in the house about my new "snake". They asked me to show them the note. After I showed it to them, they all looked really shocked and asked, "How old is she?" My response..."I'm not sure. I think she is about five years old." It gave everyone a good laugh.

Mar has backed down from the baptism for good. An still wants her to be baptized, so I still believe that there is hope. He has come up with a plan to take all of the kids to church so that she will be left alone at the house, that way she will feel lonely and will want to come to church! Haha! I love the plan!

Tons of people in this city have Dangue. (DANE-gee) We have given almost everyone a blessing! All of our investigators have somebody in their family get dangue in the past month. It is a little strange because it has been a while since I have seen a mosquito here.

That's my week

Elder Koby Sullivan

We encountered our investigators in the center of the city. What are they playing?

Chess on the chess board :) I love my generation!

Birthday gift from Prez :)

Prezident and Sister Canuto's Birthday

A bunch of pics we borrowed from Elder Wallas:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Apr. 20, 2015 which one of us is the lazy eyed man looking at?

         44 weeks

This week was interesting.

Unfortunately, we went over to Mar's house (An's wife). We went to talk with her a little more about the baptism and she said that she doesn't want to be baptized.... talk about upset. She said, "everything in the church was different than what she grew up with." Duh, it is kind of like a different church. There will be new things. We had everything planned out so that An would baptize her. He has already received the Priesthood, so he is ready to baptize her. Now she doesn't want to get baptized. I'm a little frustrated.

One contact that we did was really funny. He had a really strong lazy eye. After we told him who we were, he looked at me or my companion (I still don't know which one of us) and he said that he has the power to cure! All you have to do is draw the shape of the cross 3 times and the person is cured! "You don't need a prayer or anything!" LOL

We finally had a little success with one person that we met on the side of the road. She was smoking and after I offered a prayer, she let us into the house. There were about 5 little teenage girls in that house and I think that my companion and I are the first people they've seen from outside of their country. They sat there whispering and laughing when we talked.... The mom said she has always wanted to visit another church, and she became more interested when we explained that our church did not branch off of a different church. We'll see what happens tonight.

The most uncomfortable contact ever. We knocked on a door and a young man came to the door in just headphones around his neck and underwear about the size of a speedo. When he answered the door, my first thought was "Gay! Do not enter!" He said that a bunch of college guys lived there. I tried to talk really fast and leave that place. 

That's my week
Elder Koby Sullivan

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Apr. 13, 2015 lost my sole!

          Month 10!

Finally hit month 10 along with my companion. 

The week was full of "no's". We had invited We. to baptism, but he rejected and he has invited us to go to his church...maybe he doesn't know our purpose here :/

Mat's family also rejected the baptism. His mom told us no as well has his dad. In the middle of the conversation, I told them the importance of agency and then I asked Mat. He told us that he doesn't believe in any religion, not even the one that his family goes to, but I can see it in him that he believes in our religion, so we are going to keep trying. 
Mar as well told us no, but we convinced her to be baptized on the 25 by her new husband An. :)

An. just received the priesthood yesterday. He was so happy. He is a different person now. 

Because Easter just happened, we have been getting the leftover chocolates of all the members. I have never had so much chocolate at one time.... I'm not complaining :)

We have entered in a new area in the city. It appears that it has been two years since somebody worked over there. I understand why. It is close to nothing! It is an hour away from our house and the center. The only thing there useful is the market, but the area is really good :)

Elder Koby Sullivan

Mom's note: In case you are wondering, 
We bought them from Christensen's in St. George, Utah.
The salesman knew this kid was going to Brazil, and he told him this is a "good shoe." This shoe started falling apart in the first month. He was still in the MTC and hadn't even worn them outside. All the while, he was rotating them with another pair... We just found out size 13 is only available in Brazil through "special ordering."
Thanks, Christensen's. NOT.

I filled the hole with duck tape.

​The bottom has come apart

They broke on the road. Luckily I had bags.

​I was tired and wanted to sleep on the road

​This is what the first plane ever made looks like from behind.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Apr. 6, 2015 called to pirassununga mission...jk

         42 weeks

So, I've decided that my new call is Brazil, Pirassununga mission because I am still here. By the end of this transfer, I will have done six months here 1/4 of the mission.... It's good that I like it here. 
I received a new companion. That was unexpected since he just got here. My new companion started the mission on the same day I did! His name is E. Vasquez. He is from Santiago, Chile. He is really cool. 

The week was really packed. We went to "helping hands". 2 wards (about 40 people) went to a school and did a makeover. It looks great now. I went in shorts because I didn't want to miss that opportunity. Unfortunately, I didn't think about the sun. My legs and neck have not been exposed to sun for almost ten months. I got so burnt. 

Conference weekend went really well for us. Saturday was really interesting because we were visiting Bianca and Laiz (some cool Investigators who always gives us cake on the road). When it was almost the second session, it started to rain. We were about a 1/2 hour from the church. E. Wallas and I took off our shoes, put them in a sack, and without an umbrella went to the church in the pouring rain. My feet are fine :) there was nothing on the road. We were incredibly drenched and when we got to the church, it was locked. So, we went to a member's house to grab the keys :) I don't regret it. It was really fun. 

Elder Koby Sullivan