Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan. 5, 2015 pics of rain

Week 29

The weather has been really...exciting this week. It has been extremely hot. One day, it began to rain. My companion and I took cover on a soccer court that had a roof. Well, inside the court was one of the sons of our new investigator and his friend. While we waited for the rain to pass, we played a little bit of soccer and showed the too kids that we are normal people. During that time, I have never seen rain so strong. The streets were flooded in ten minutes. The side of the court began to flood and started to pour into the court and got my bag and scriptures wet....great. It was fun though. The two kids came to sacrament Sunday. 

Our scheduled baptism was canceled again. His grandma had to go to the hospital, so we will give them some time for her to recover. We visited the grandma when she returned home. 

New Years is full of action. We spent the afternoon with a neighbor. They made a barbaque with some different meats. I ended up eating Pumba from "the lions king" and the maskot from the World Cup. I think it is an armadillo. That was my favorite one :). They ended up sending us home with a bunch of food.

I am teaching an investigator from a different ward English. He is a bit crazy. He really likes to talk about all religions. He likes our religion the best. He told us about his neighbor who said, I will never accept those missionaries because they don't believe in Jesus". His response? He threw a Book of Mormon at her and yelled, "read it! Then tell me that they don't believe in Jesus!". Haha! 

Transfers are tomorrow, but I stay here with my companion! He is really cool. I am excited.

Elder Koby Sullivan

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