Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec. 8, 2014 w pics trees +birds

Week 20

         Almost 6 months....

This week was awesome. 

First, our house is big, but how big? Big enough to have a water fight!!! One of the Elders in the house bought little 50 cent squirt guns. My companion grabbed one and squirt me a bit. I ignored it at first, but then he got me really wet a second time, so I ran into our room to grab the other one and started wailing on him. When I had stopped and rested for a bit, he snuck behind me and dumped a bottle of water on my head. (The houses don't have carpet, so it is okay to throw water around:). I stole the water bottle from him and started chasing him. He hid in a nice little corner behind a sink and the washing machine, so he was trapped and I dumped the entire 2 liter bottle on his head! Haha, he was helpless. He then hid in the bathroom for a bit. Little did I know that he was creating a squirt gun with the 2 liter bottle. After chasing me for a bit, I went to bigger weapons as well. For example, a big glass cup that throws a bunch of water at one time. Clearly, I was winning, so another elder teamed up with my companion. They were equiped with mattresses for sheilds and giant pans of water! The final blow is when I went to throw water on my companion and the glass cup slipped and broke on the ground and the gaint pan hit me on the head, but I wasn't hurt at all. It was really fun!

We are teaching a young boy, Cle, around 15 years old. He is scheduled for a baptism on the 20 and he is really excited. One day, we had an appointment with him, but he passed us on the road. We found that he was on his way to play soccer with some of his friends. My companion looked depressed because our appointment was about to be canceled, so I said, "let's go play with them." You should have seen the face of my companion light up. My companion loves soccer, in fact, he plays soccer professionaly. We played with them for a bit and when everyone was tired, we all rested and talked with these kids. They got interested in our message and taught them about our church. One of them is Cle's cousin, Luan. He accepted to be baptized with his cousin and his grandma on the same day! The only problem is is that we have to have permission from his parents first, and they are both catholic. Wish us luck!

Ant is a great investigator as well. He has given us 5 referals. They are all really interested in the church now. We really want Ant to be baptized, but he is afraid to get married. I don't know why, but he is. 

Last thing. The other day I learned something new. I went and bought an ice cream bar from a place called,  Aquele Beijo which means "that Kiss" They call it that because the way that you eat the ice cream is the same way you kiss... I can't eat ice cream the same ever again....

Elder Koby Sullivan

 After the water fight

After the water fight




More cool trees

(boy dogs and girl dogs: teach your owners to catch your crap when you make it.)

Tree with a bunch of parrots. I find 4

My District from the other area

The broken Iron

A road ( if you zoom in, you will see a big water tower. That is about 30 minutes away from where I am. I live about 20 minutes farther. )

Cool tree that I found :)

Anti-social tree




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