Monday, March 21, 2016

Mar. 21, 2016 7 weeks to go--maybe--have not heard from church travel yet

          91 weeks

This week we worked really hard to find new people. We are working with a rescue list for the ward. It is a list of people who have been inactive for such a long time that ward doesn´t have them on their account. While we were looking for this names, we found a lady who still lived at the address and she got really excited that we came. Her daughter wanted to learn more about the church, so now we have some more investigators! 

The week was a lot more difficult than we wanted. We knocked on over 100 door and only one person let us in. They didn´t even want anything with the church. They just let us in to be nice.....ugh...

We´re going to start working with Aya´s sister, but we have a huge problem. She doesn´t even look at my face. She is apparently really shy and she refuses to receive lessons from me, but she will let a member teach her. We are hoping for the best.

I´m hoping to learn how to make coxinha this week :) That will make me super happy if it goes right.

Elder Koby Sullivan

Photos sent to me by Koby's friend, Rayanne!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mar. 14, 2016 8 weeks left, saw a good friend, tooth mishap

My companion had a wonderful surprise on Monday. We were eating pastel and then my companion left saying, "My tooth broke". I thought that he was lying because there was no way that he broke his tooth on a pastel. It´s like breaking your tooth on pie. It just doesn´t happen. Well, he returned and showed me. His moler was gone. There was just a little stubble left. He acted like it was normal. I had to convince him that he had to take the tooth out. So, we went to the dentist and they had to do a surgery to take the tooth out. He was not allowed to work in the sun for a couple of days...Our leaders were really upset about it. It was almost as if they didn´t believe us...

I had a chance to go to Piracicaba this week. A lot of americans went and we all got a CPF which is basically saying that I am a Brazilian Citizen! Hehe :) I also got to see my old friend Junior!

It was a fun trip, but I got way tired from this trip. It made working a little bit more difficult.

​The grafitti where I live...

​Those were the only ones with pictures. The rest are words that nobody understands...

This week is going to be well done.
Elder Koby Sullivan

Monday, March 7, 2016

Mar. 7, 2016 you, me and a tree? oh, yeah, and 9 weeks!

          90 Weeks

This week was really slow. We didn´t have too much that went on. 

One day, I was feeling down and fought myself to get to work. Well, the first door that I knocked on, just had to be some crazy guy who wanted to talk a bunch about nothing. I told him that I had to go and I shook his hand, but he didn´t let go and kept talking....ugh... after about five minutes holding my hand he says, "Look! Our hands are still touching! That is a connection between you, me, and this tree." HUH!? The tree? Then he wanted me to touch the tree with him... I told him that I didn´t want to touch the tree. He implied even more and said that I was scared to touch the tree. I told him that I wasn´t scared, I just didn´t want to get my hand dirty. He pulled my hand anyway to touch the tree with him. I pulled it away from the tree. I looked at him sternly and said, "Let go of my hand." He looked at me extremely afraid and told me that he has respect for me and would let go of my hand.... That did not help my day...

We helped a member move to some apartments which were amazingly small. It was almost too small for one person. I am really sore because I was the biggest person to help her move, so I had to help carry all of the super heavy items up three floors.

This week will be a lot of searching for new investigators because we have basically cut every one out of our teaching pool. 

Elder Koby Sullivan