Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 2, 2016 LAST P-DAY! I'm coming home!

          Last P-day

Yup. I´m here on my last pday. I have several plans for the week, but basically I am done working and the rest is traveling from place to place until I get to Piracicaba and then home :)

 I am trunky até o pó. I am trying to get the last little bit into my area before I leave. Until now, it is going really well. We finally got our book of mormon survey up and running and now the members are all working really hard to earn that pot of cookies that I offered for the winner. It is working really well and the referals are racking up. I´m grateful that I could do something with this ward before I left. However, I will be home before I can see the winner. Hehe.

I had a good birthday. Unfortunately, the Brazilians have a horrible tradition to throw eggs and flour on the head of the birthday guy..... I was not happy. But the next day the gave  me a barbecue with cake and they washed my clothes, so it is forgiven.

I really don´t have much to say, but I´m coming home!

Elder Koby Sullivan

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 25, 2016 Turning 20 tomorrow! and 2 weeks left.

          Mais 2 semanas!     2 more weeks!

Well, I just found out that I will be going to the Airport at 2 in the morning and I will wait for my flight until 9:15 at night. That is 20 hours waiting for the first plane............... I was not happy about that.

This is the last week that I have to work, but it is going to be packed with things to do. I have planned several activities with the ward so that the future Elders will have a lot of referals after I leave. I am also hoping that it will help the members have the desire to work.

I gave a talk on Sunday. I didn´t have any problems. I sure hope it is the same situation in the states...

We had our last multi-zone conference with prezident and me :) Due to the amount of time we traveled, it took a big chunk out of our week.

This week we will do a bunch of cool things. It will be my birthday and they plan on throwing an egg on my head.... and a bunch of other things. I will send pics next week I have to run. We are going to  Caconde.

Elder Koby Sullivan

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 18, 2016 sightseeing and picture overload

         97 weeks.

We have been having a hard time finding some new investigators, but we are still looking. My companion is a really hard worker which is really good. Elder Passos is from Recife, Pernambuco.
It´s way fun serving with him.

We cover several cities here in Mococa, so we are always traveling to work. We also see a bunch of wild animals here, especially monkeys and Tuacahn. The monkey is usually like the monkey on Night at the Museum.  We also saw a monkey that is like the small monkey on Rio that steals everything. It looks a lot like a squirrel. 
They´re pretty sweet.

It was kind of a complicated week and it will only get worse. This week we will have to go to Rio Claro for a Multizone conference. We have to leave on Wednesday and we won´t be back ´til Friday, but it will be super fun because it is will be the entire mission.     Preview attachment WP_20160411_14_56_32_Pro.jpg

Elder Koby Sullivan

Service Project:


Fotos de São José do Rio Pardo

Bom dia 😊 Breu . Segui as fotos de São José.

April 11, 2016 Mococa sounds like the middle of no where

          96 weeks 1year 10months

Yeah, this transfer is insane. Mococa isn´t really close, but I was able to get home on Tuesday. I took a bus to Pirassununga and while I was there, I showed to sisters where they were going to live (my old house in Pirassununga). We were planning on staying the night at the ZL´s house which happens to be Elder Nunes and another guy, but there was a member from our ward that was in Pirassununga and gave us a ride. We had to stuff everyone in the car with our bags. It was really crammed, but we saved a bunch of time. It took us a little over an hour from Pirassununga by car. 
I found out a few days after how long it really takes by bus because we had Interviews with Prezident. We left Pirassununga at 10:00am and got home at 4:00 pm. It took six hours because of the layovers.

My new companion is really good and full of energy. He is perfect to end the mission with, but we don´t have too many investigators here. 

The ward is a lot different than other wards. There are about 40 people in the ward and half are recent converts. It is a different experience, but it will be a fun transfer. 

ME and my companion on the right and the others.

That is Our ward mission leader 

the clan.

Elder Koby Sullivan