Sunday, December 28, 2014

Oct. 27, 2014 broke iron

Week 14

So, I am a real clutz. I accidently tripped on a cushion. The cushion bumped into the ironing board, and the iron fell onto the tile floor and fell apart. My companion called Sister Canuto and told her what happened and she said that she will not pay for another iron, so.....yeah

I found peanut butter here the other day. It was in a little market for 3R$. Never will you find a price like that in brazil. When I ate it, I almost died. It was amazing. It was only a little different from america, they use a little bit more sugar. I ate the entire bottle....plain. 180g. Now I am looking in every market for another deal like that. The closest that I can find is 7R$ for the same bottle. 

I am considering making a fast food brazilian resturaunt. Make some salgados and esfihas abertas. They are amazing and I eat them almost daily for a snack.

On the religous part, we met a family when we knocked on the door. We asked him to say the closing prayer after we left a message. He insisted to pray in his form, so we agreed. He took us into a different room, closed the door and blinds, and called in his family. His wife and daughter came in with hankerchiefs, and they placed them on their head. He said that he wanted to say a prayer while kneeling, but he started while we were standing. He asked first asked for permission to kneel (in the prayer). We then kneeled. He started off with a louder voice than normal, but as he went on, it increased in volume. It eventually became a yelling prayer! On top of that, the women we yelling their own things, "Oh, Senhor Deus! Grande Deus! Gloria Gloria Deus!" Now we have three or four people yelling in this prayer! I am sure that God heard us ;)

I have learned a whole lot with my new companion. He has taught me many scriptures and different styles of teaching, and they are very effective. This guy is great.

Elder Koby Sullivan

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