Sunday, December 28, 2014

Nov. 17, 2014 w selfies

Week 17

So, this week had a bit of a down hill.

Our investigator that promised to be baptized decided that she would want a little more time to know the church, so she canceled the baptism and didn't come to church. Therefore, I will not have a baptism this transfer. 

The same thing happened with several other families this week. They commit to baptism with enthusiam, but the next day when we visit them to see how they are doing, the just avoid us like there is somebody who follows right behind us telling them that we are a bunch of panzies on the road. 
It was about 4 families this week that it has happened.... They won't answer anything anymore.

Not much has happened other than that. My knee is a lot better. Occasionally I have a problem with the stairs, but other than that, it was a bland week.

but.... I took pictures :)

Elder Koby Sullivan 

P.S. I am horrible with this "selfie" thing.

Zone in Piracicaba before transfers.

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