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Aug, 4, 2014 w pics

Family and friends:

This week we finally have some investigators! We now have 4! Two of them came when we went to teach some less active members. The less active members had family members who were not active in the church. We have not invited them to baptism yet, but we will the next time we see them. 
One of the families that we teach likes to give us food. I tried some figu? It looked like a small garlic that was in syrup for days. It was green and looked like poison. It was....alright. She gave me two, so when I decided that I didn't really like it, I didn't have much of a choice but to eat the second one. During our fast, we visited them. They offered us guarana and bread and all sorts of good stuff. We denied it until they started making food for us. We can't deny food that they are making for us! I don't want to hurt any feelings, so I ate it.....It was really good though :)

The other family invited us to a barbaque! I can't wait. It seems like he is going to invite the whole neighborhood! (or everyone who is mormon:)

During our lessons with our investigators, it seems to just make sense. They agree with every part that you teach them like they are thinking, "Hey, you are right! Why is everyone else teaching something else when this makes so much more sense?" It is fun to watch that "click" in their head.

My companions are something special. They are always trying to pull pranks on me like I don't know any Portuguese at all. They tried to get me to say, "Estou gravido" when I was full (I am pregnant). One day they pulled out a picture of Joseph Smith and pretended to worship him and they tried to convince me that it was a new doctrine in the church. They try to tell me that we are going to eat cat when we are eating at a member's house. They also try to get me to say, "Mais feijoada" Seriously? "mais" (more) is the first word that we learn!
Tudo bem. They are very wild and they are always horseplaying. I tell them to be careful and to quiet down all the time. They jump on top of each other and wrestle and pull jokes day after day. Today, was awesome. A person that lives in the same building as us knocked on our door and told them to stop yelling. I tried to warn them. 

They also aren't the best with money. The day we got paid they bought pizza, I didn't realize how much pizza is. I made sure that we never bought pizza again. 
The other day, we went to the supermarket to buy food. As we were buying food, the president came from behind us and asked us if it was our P-day. I didn't know we weren't allowed to buy all that food on a non-P-day until we high tailed it out of there. Afterwhich, they bought me what was called coxinha. It looks like a teardrop. It is chicken wrapped in fried dough and it was awesome.

A few nights a week I am helping out one of the members in my district with english. He told me that There were several people who wanted to be my senior companion. Some were English and others were brazilian. He told me that he prayed that he would get an english companion. He didn't, but we are near each other as often as a companionship. He told me that I was an answer to his prayers, so the other day he gave me a Brazilian soccer t-shirt! Awesome!

My favorite part of this week was when we went to a member's house to eat. This member collects birds. A lot of them looked similar, but they were still cool. He had three parrots! One of them would shake your hand when you asked it to. It wouldn't grab tight enough to cut you. And another one was very well trained. It loved to talk. We could call it by name and it would walk over to us. When it got to you, it would climb up your pants and your shirt and stand on your shoulder. It was on the shoulder of my companion until he walked close to me and the bird walked onto my shoulder! I have a picture!

Yeah, my mission is very interesting. I could definitely compare it to the movie "the best two years" They have the theme song of that movie, so most of it has come true :)

This is my week for you!
-Elder Koby Sullivan

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