Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sept, 8, 2014 new trainer

Week 7

I love my new companion! His name is Elder Tomaz, he is from Chile, but he grew up in Brazil. He has a little over a year on the mission. This is the missionary that I have been praying for! He knows how to be exciting without breaking rules, he knows how to spend money wisely, he knows how to cook really well, and he loves to talk to everybody! 

We basically started from scratch this week. I did not get transferred, so Piracicaba ward 5 is stuck with me :) 
I have learned so much from my new companion. He said that in just three days he noticed how much better my Portuguese was. I can understand him almost all of the time! Even when he starts speaking in Spanish! 
We have been doing awesome this week. My companion makes a bunch of contacts. One day he made 84! 

Yesterday was independence day for Brazil. That means, for Piracicaba, that there was basically nobody in the road. If there were, they were drunk.

We have several investigators now. One person when we knocked on the door said, "Come in! I'm poor, so you can come in!" If only everyone was like that.

A couple of days ago, we were insanely tired and we had to go to the church really soon, so on our way to the church, E. Tomaz had an impression to knock on a door. A lady (Juli) answered and accepted the first lesson. She said that she believed all of what we have said and that it touched her heart directly. She agreed to come to church.... she never came. We visited her last night and she was sitting on the sidewalk. We could see that she was ashamed of herself, so we sat next to her on the sidewalk. She told us how confused she is (her dad is a pastor for another church). We talked with her for an hour without a lesson plan. As soon as she gains her own testimony, she will be baptized for sure.

One old lady (El) that we encountered, accepted the first lesson as well. She keeps saying that I am really beautiful and that she loves my voice. The other day she said, "vamos casar?" that means, "Lets get married!" Ugh.....awkward. She is probably 70 years old. We invited her to church and she was the only one that came. We decided that I will be the one to ask her to get baptized ;)

One other (Lu) has never been baptized, so he has a desire to be baptized. We haven't asked him yet, but I can see it in his eyes.

We've encountered many crazy people, some were so drunk that they couldn't even say yes or no....I hate to say it, but I almost died laughing after we left.

Yeah, this week was awesome!
Elder Koby Sullivan

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