Sunday, December 28, 2014

Oct. 13. 2014 pic of sunset

Week 12

This week, I haven´t been able to stay on track with everything, so I don´t know everything that has been going on too well. 

To start off, an elder from a different ward ended his mission a little bit early, so president called me to be the new companion in that ward for about a week. That makes 4 companions this transfer alone. 

As I was getting to know the house that I was living in, I saw that there was an awesome view that my house didn´t have. I went to get my camera to take a picture, but I got distracted with the new pillar of smoke. The house across the street caught on fire! I ended up taking pictures of the fire instead. There was a guy on the side of the house trying to put it out with his little hose until the fire department showed up.

I don´t know how the fire was started. Based on how hot it is outside, it doesn´t surprise me. It is ridiculously hot here, and a/c don´t exsist. We have little fans. They say that it has been hitting 40 C which is about 105 F. Walking is hard because of that. 

We had another division before I was switched companions. It was three americans. The other two were newer than I was in Brazil, so basically it relied on me. I still have a hard time understanding people.

Today, we went to the cabeleireiro to get a hair cut. I didn´t get the hair cut, but I wish I did. There was a man that was about to leave, but he saw that we were men of god, so he stopped us and talked with us. My companion went to get the hair cut and the man continued to talk with me at a 100mph! I didn´t understand a word he said, nor could I say anything to him. He never let me speak! He talked with me for 45 minutes straight without me even saying a word! Actually, half way through, I told him that I didn´t speak portuguese, but he continued to talk. NOSSA!

We received our transfers today. I will be staying in the same area for another transfer. I will receive Elder Gabriel. I don´t know what to expect with him, but I hope he is good!


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