Sunday, December 28, 2014

June 11, 2014


           Did you get some sleep?

On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 1:51 AM

How many missionaries rode the plane to Brazil with you?
Did you get some food? What did the airline feed you?
The woman who texted me a picture of you is a Gubler, and her father is from Santa Clara! LOL  I don't know any of her family, though. 
I was super happy that she sent me that picture. It made me cry that someone would be so thoughtful to reach out to a new missionary mom to try to calm her fears.
Let me know if you get your carry on, okay? 

Love, Mom.

Me and Elder Hesterly were the only ones that were on the flight to Brazil, but once we got there, we met with about twelve other missionaries. eight of them waited for their visas.
The flight gave us dinner and breakfast. It was long, but I slept... horribly.
The woman met us as we were waiting for the flight to brazil. she asked us if we wanted her to send a picture to our parents and i told her that you would love it. we talked to them until it was time for our flight to board, but they were not boarding when they should have. after ten minutes, i decided to see why nobody was loading. i found that this plane was going to san diego and they switched our terminal 40 places down. it was a long speed walk.
i met kyson here and his companions, he acts like he enjoys me being here.
all of my bags arrived, so no need to worry.
tell any of my friends that i cant email them today, maybe next time....
love, koby

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