Monday, February 8, 2016

Jan. 25, 2016 not an easy area

        84 weeks

I decided that my area isn't the easiest. The whole week we looked for new people, but nobody accepted us in their houses. The only lessons that we had this week were lessons with members. This shows me that the only thing that will work in this area are the referrals that we receive. Our focus is to get lots of referrals during our lunch visits, church, and basically anywhere we can get them.

Aya is a girl who has been visiting church for a little while. We went to her house the other day and she really wants to be baptized. We are planning on next Saturday. It will be awesome. 

We have several investigators that could be baptized in a few weeks if they were married. The culture here is that a man and a woman live together without being married. Marriage is a little expensive, so they just have a mutual agreement. To be baptized, they either have to split or get married. Many don´t split and decide to wait for the marriage. 

What´s worse, is when one is trying to separate from the old marriage and is living with someone else, because you have to wait for the separation process to end, then they can get married. Now, imagine both of them in the same process. This is the situation of Ga. He is living with a less-active member. Now they want to go to church and they have this horrible situation. They will take a while to baptize. I don´t think that I will still be here when it happens.

I sure hope we can find some cool people this week.

Elder Koby Sullivan

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