Monday, February 8, 2016

Feb. 1, 2016 taught a Buddhist about Christ

          Week 85

We had a decent week. We were able to set a baptismal date for Aya. She will be baptized next week on Wednesday. It would have been sooner, but she will be going on a camp out for the youth because of Carnaval. She has been going to our church and another church, but she does´t like the other church because they speak an unknown language... Nobody knows what is being said, even the pastors.

It is finally Passion fruit season. I have not had so much juice on my mission.  When I enter into a house, they ask if I like passion fruit. I tell them that I do and then they send me home with a sack full of passion fruits that they grew in their yard. I´m not complaining ;)

This week, I taught a Buddhist. She was born Buddhist and stopped following Buddhism for a few months. It was unique to teach her because she has no idea who God and Jesus are. She never visited a Christian church before. She plans on visiting our church this week. We taught her from zero. It was way cool.

Sunday, I basically ran the whole Sacrament meeting. I played the piano and then I gave a talk. Everyone went to take an important test similar to the ACT and it is only on Sundays that they give the test. I feel like the talk went really well. I was able to fill my 10 minutes without a problem. I think that being a missionary helps a ton on being able to talk about the gospel to a bunch of people.

My camera spazzed out, so that is the only photo for today. a little taste of Brazil.

Elder Koby Sullivan

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