Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb. 22, 2016 Mais 11 cpinhos..... (11 more sacrament cups! it's the way they count down)

          88 Weeks Mais 11 copinhos....

This week was rather fun. We´ve been receiving a ton of referrals. Even if the referral doesn´t accept a message, it is still really good to receive. I had come up with an idea about making a box to put in the church where the people put a little paper with the information of the referral. It was an idea on the spot in our meeting with the leaders, but I didn´t think that it was that great of an idea. The past two weeks, they have been on my tail so that I would make the box, so I did. I used a ton of hot glue.... 
I put it on a table in the church and there was already a referral :) I didn´t even tell anybody about it. It wasn´t completely finished, so I didn´t announce it. This week I will have several things on the desk to help them fill out forms and give us referrals. I sure hope that the box becomes something big in this ward. (I still think that it was an awful idea. Why don´t they just give the referral to me?)
We found a bunch of new investigators this week, but not too many good ones. They couldn´t go to church on Sunday because they were all busy working or traveling. 
Transfers were today. I stayed here with my companion E. T. Silva. We are going to kick butt this transfer :)
I learned how to make tapioca! It´s just a snake that we make here. It is really fast and I really like it. Okay. I can´t make it from scratch, but I can buy a bag of it and cook it on the frying pan.
I forgot that it was the end of daylight savings here. We got to church at 7:30 thinking that it was 8:30..... Now we know.
Elder Sullivan
My box :)

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