Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Feb 15, 2016 a great week!

          87 weeks

This week was really great.

Carnaval was on Tuesday, but that didn´t stop us from working, but it made it a lot harder to work. We knocked on doors, but out of the 50 doors, 11 were home...With those 11, we found a few people to accept us another day. For example, Vin. Vin let us visit his house. When we got there, the whole family entered into the room to hear the lesson (That is not very common). While we were explaining what we do, his grandma said, "You know, I have already been baptized at your church." That suprized us. Then, without missing a beat, his mom said, "me too!" I thought that it would just be a less-active family, but then Vin said, "That was before my time, because I had no idea." .....Sweet. Reactivate a family and baptize their kids :)

The other night had some difficulties with the padlock. I had forgotten my keys inside the house. My house is closed, so I couldn´t jump the gate or anything, so there were only two options: Pick the lock, or cut the lock and buy a new one. It was night, so we would sleep in the house without it being locked.... I asked a neighbor for two bobby pins just to play around with it. I played for a about a half an hour. I was just about to give up when the lock turned and shot open \o/\o/! We slept safely that night :)

Guil and Ay were baptized! Ay showed up late because I had forgotten to arrange a ride for her, so we sent people to go get her, but she was baptized successfully :) The hardest part was finding a jumpsuit that fit everyone.

(Davi (ward mission leader/father-in-law), Guil, Di (wife))


There were a lot of people. Who wanted to watch.

​Elder Sullivan

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