Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb 29, 2016 pancakes aka enchiladas and 10 weeks

          89 weeks.

This week, we spent a good amount of time looking for people. We had little success, but there were some good results. The other night I knocked on a door and some lady came to the window. I presented myself, but usually when somebody stays in the window, they don´t accept. I asked if she would be interested in the message that we were bringing and she said yes. It caught me off guard, but she really did want to know. She said that she is looking for a path to follow. Now we just have to stay with her or she will fall away.

We also received a referral from a member, but this referral was a little different. She really liked the message and is reading the book of mormon, but she has schizophrenia...(I don´t know how to spell that). We are still in the process to discover if she needs to be baptized or not.. I called President, but he will call SLC to see if she can or not.

I learned how to make what they call Pancakes. They are basically enchiladas :) It turned out really well. I am the cook for our house. 

​It took my companion 5 tries to get this picture... I had to put it on motion picture haha. We´re practicing.

Elder Koby Sullivan

I just found out that she can be baptized :)

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