Monday, January 18, 2016

Jan. 18, 2016 Pictures!

         1 year and 7 months...

It turns out that I knew my companion before he came here. I met him at the mission Christmas gathering. Elder T. Silva is from Paraíba. He is actually from the same ward as Elder Tomaz! (One of my first companions). 

All week it has been raining. Now that it has stopped, both of my shoes are finally dry :) 

My week has been going by without credits on my phone. My other companion used them up.... Yesterday, I had someone call me and hang up. He did this 3 times, so normally that means to call back, but I didn´t have credits to call back. I went to use the church phone and called him. I asked who I was speaking with and he got upset with me. He said, "You called me and you want to know who you are speaking with?" I explained the situation, but he just started calling me names... It was an interesting phone call.

I am loving this ward. It seems that every week we always have a new referral. This week, we have a family home evening for every single day! Each one with a new investigator. It´s the missionary dream! I don´t even have to do contacts to find the people. (Of course I still do contacts, but it is less effective).

Elder Koby Sullivan


New Years 

Cool clouds over the streets of Brazil

Decorations! thanks, Aunt Kristin!

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