Monday, February 8, 2016

Feb 8, 2016 PICTURES from Koby!!!

         Week 86

This week was such a great success. 

I got help from my good friend Junior to make some chicken stroganof. It turned out really well along with my rice that I made for the first time as well. I will definitely make it many more times. I also learned how to make pancakes. Now the syrup that Kyson sent me won´t go to waste :)

Don´t forget the Maracujá juice :)

We went to finalize Aya to be baptized. We asked her which church she wanted to be a part of and she said, "I choose....uh....the Elders´ Church." Haha! Toma Pentecostal! She had an interview and will be baptized on Wednesday night.

We took a member on a day with us because he is going on a mission tomorrow. That day, we were unable to enter into any houses. We decided to visit Guil, but the problem was that nobody knew okay we were supposed to teach him... We were thinking about that all day. A thought came into my head that it was the day to invite him to be baptized. We read a chapter in the BOM with him then I invited him to be baptized. He said, "Yes". His wife gave me a funny surprised look like, "How did you do that?" He´s been taught by missionaries for 10 years. I guess I got lucky :)
I gave him an option of 3 different days to be baptized and he chose the same day as Aya. Now we have 2 Baptisms for Wednesday. It will be awesome!

​This is Pamonha..... Some type of corn food. They cook it in a Banana leaf or a corn leaf.

​The pond/lake where I´m at.

​some cool clouds.

Elder Koby Sullivan

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