Monday, March 2, 2015

Feb. 23, 2015 wedding plans

         36 weeks

I have my new companion. His name is Elder Duarte. He is from Belém (Bethlahem), Pará, Brazil. The same city as my other companion. He is completely different though. I like him. He is very obedient and relaxed. He only has two more transfers left on the mission. 

This crazy wedding is driving us insane. We are running back and forth in the city to plan a ceremony for An. and his wife. The other day we asked if we could post-pone the ceremony. He told us that would be better for everyone. Well, the next day we came to confirm the time of the baptism on Saturday and he laughed. We were confused. He said that the baptism is not going to be this Saturday....(We had this baptism planned for over a month now). He said that everything was planned out nicely so that it would be the ceremony on Friday, the baptism on Saturday, and the Confirmation on Sunday, but now that the ceremony will be post-poned, he wants the baptism after the ceremony!!! What?! He wants a ceremony with a whole bridal's gown and everything. We have been looking for a gown for the entire month. The cheapest one to rent is 600 R$!! It isn't even the wife that wants the ceremony. It's him!! He is still getting married on the 25, and we are working on the baptism on the 28 as planned. I am really upset with him. I have lost my desire to help them get married, but I will still work on them.

Not only that, but the other family that Portilho and I have been working on for the past couple of months has told us that they will not switch religions. It doesn't help that it is Em's family, now he doesn't go to church anymore. Portilho really liked to go to that house, but with my new companion, we decided to be direct and asked them why we were there. They told us that they learn a lot from us, but they don't want to switch because they believe too much in Mary (Mother of Crist). Now, we are looking for new people.

This week could have been better, but we will do better. 

Elder Koby Sullivan

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