Monday, March 23, 2015

Mar. 23, 2015 rainy week, wet feet, got yelled at

This week did not go that well.
It always rained on the day that I wore my shoes with a whole in the bottom that has been filled in with duck tape. Therefore, my feet were uncomfortably wet. I thought back to the Klondikes scouting and decided that I would put a sack over my feet. :) It worked really well until the sack ripped....

I got yelled at by an old man because I knocked on his door. He was catholic. He said that we were wasting our time knocking on that road because everone is already christian? We asked him if he knew anybody we could look for and he got even more mad. In the end, I asked if we could say a prayer with him because that is a bit difficult to deny. He got more mad and pretended that he didn't understand me. Then he claimed, "i say a prayer everyday! I don't need anymore prayers!" Haha. When we left, he was still yelling at his family because of us.

Elder Wallas (DL that lives with us) had an idea to take pictures. We all dressed up in dating clothes, then took some cool pictures. Unfortunatly, my camera is very old, so the pics aren't too cool, but still good :). It ended with us dressing the same an dancing. It was awesome!

suave na nave
(smooth??  mild in nature??  lol)

 So isso. 


 Oh yeah.

My companion is the one next to me.

Baptism is still on for Saturday in the morning. He is excited, so that is good.

-Elder Koby Sullivan


acai drink, yum

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