Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mar 2, 2015 koby learns to dance

Week 37

One of my roommates is teaching us Americans how to dance like a brazilian. Were not too good... :). But it was fun.

I visited a family to figure out more about the marriage. They asked me to teach them Piano and English. I almost offered gymnastics, but I don't think that would end well. They had quite a bit of years on them :)

Wedding?, we had planned an interview for An on Tuesday (the day before the wedding). We got there on Tuesday with the District leader and An wasn't home. The DL was really upset, but we found him at his work. The DL planned to meet with him that night. Well, that night came and we found him in his home. He told us that he didn't have time, then the DL started to argue with him. Then An yelled, "I will not get baptized this week!" ...... How do you respond to that? I almost threw my arms in the air and said, "I'm done" and walked out. Instead, we just listen to him complain about the wedding.
   The wedding went well, but we could tell that he was mad at us for bringing the DL. Now we have to be patient with him for this week and we will need somebody else to do the interview.

The day after, we visited Em. He hasn't been coming to church recently, so we taught him the importance of church and we asked him if he would go this Sunday. His response, "I'm going to leave the church." What? I asked him why. "Because I want to" He didn't tell us anything more than that.... que triste. 

One day actually went good. One of our appointments fell threw and while my companion and I were trying to decide what to do. I decided to knock on the door that we were by. A Japanese man responded and told us to come back the next day. When we returned, he was waiting for us and accepted the messages. He goes to a church that restricts meeting with missionaries and visiting other churches. When we invited him to church, he thought for a minute and listed all of the reasons why he shouldn't/can't go. Then he said, "I'll go" 
Yes, He did come and it was awesome. The ward answered all of the questions that he had during the classes and he gave us a ride in his extremely expensive Corolla (In Brazil, it is a little over R$90,000). ($30,000usdollars)

Elder Koby Sullivan

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