Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mar. 2, 2015 scheduled a couple to be baptized, and more referrals

Week 38.

After many hours of studying and pondering on what I should teach An and Ma so that they will accept getting baptized again, I finally went over to there house and left a message about the long term goal for the temple. And just to be GH, they accepted :). They will be baptized on Saturday! (gh is a term the missionaries use. Glory of Men. Not sure if it means to be proud of yourself or to be prideful?)

The week has been basically contacts after contacts after contacts. We finally get people to accept us, and when we start teaching them, they comment, "Hey, I was already baptized in your church, but I never went after I was baptized." I have heard that phrase several times this week. Now we have more lessons with the less actives rather than the investigators. But, they are giving us referals like crazy!

That is what is happening these weeks. Wish me luck, or pray for me ;)

Elder Koby Sullivan

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