Monday, January 18, 2016

Jan. 4, 2016 I tried liver; I am not a fan

         81 weeks

Happy New Year!
I made more cookies for the New Year and the family has been begging me to return and teach them how to make them. The husband of the family opened up a bottle that looked like apple cider and started serving it to everyone (He isn´t a member). He gave me and my companion some and my companion immediately told me not to drink it. It tuned out to have alchohol, but I didn´t notice the smell. Everyone in the family was noticing the smell and started throwing it on the ground. That was a close one. The husband was the only one drinking it. We'll have to teach him about that.

One day we went to walmart to buy a few things. It was packed. It turns out that they put everything for less than half price. The next day, it was closed. They closed Walmart here in our area. It happened so fast and they didn´t tell anyone about it. I heard that it happened with about 30 in Brazil on the same day.
I tried liver the other day. I don´t think that I have eaten such a horrible food. It is now my least favorite food of all times. I grabbed a few pieces at lunch. I couldn´t just leave it on the plate, so I was eating a bunch of food at the same time, but it didn´t work....I wasn´t able to finish it...
Elder Koby Sullivan

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