Monday, January 18, 2016

Dec 28, 2015 I made choc chip cookies, they don't have those in Brazil

          Week 80

Christmas week was a good one, and it rained the whole week.

We visited our ward mission leader on Wednesday and he told us some great news. His daughter has been a member for years, but her husband, who is from Portugal, told her a "secret" that he wants to be baptized. We received that secret and we will be working with him. I don´t think that his baptism is too long from now.

We had a zone meeting the other day that was really interesting/startling.... The assistance came over and asked what our "zone" needed to be the best zone. One Elder said that he was the problem because he is tired (he only has 7 months on the mission). Another Elder said that he didn´t care at all if an investigator shows up to church or not. He said that he just doesn´t love the people.... Another said that he just didn´t have the faith to baptize anyone this month. (Two of these elders were already my companions). I became a little worried. I can only imagine what President will think...

I made some chocolate-chip cookies for Christmas. They all loved them even though I burnt them. The oven got too hot, and it was on the lowest setting. 
For Christmas, we had a dinner and played "Truco" It´s a card game. In Brazil, they celebrate Christmas at midnight, but we couldn´t stay until midnight, so we just stayed for the dinner.

Elder Koby Sullivan

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