Thursday, September 10, 2015

Aug. 24, 2015 a good week

         Week 62

My companion and I decided to really kick it into gear. We have started to go to another part of our area and we have to take the bus to get there. It is having some awesome results. 

Note to the Pastors: If you are going to try to teach a missionary, please teach them something that will maybe change their life. Don't go talking about a deep doctrine that you learned in your personal study. Nothing you talk about makes sense. I have had way too many this week trying to teach me about the book of Revelation and they don't even know what they are talking about. Yes, I do know several things in the Bible that you don't know. Don't tell me that you know everything. 

I have knocked on a ton of doors. This week all of the pastors decided to show up. One of them tried to convince me that he was a prophet....I asked him is he had seen God. His response, "Yes. But I'm not a prophet like from the Bible..." Then you already know that you are a fake. Tchau!

We knocked on a crazy person's door. She started to talk about why the Mormon church is bad. We saw that she had been badly misinformed. We said bye and we started to leave in a quick pace. Well, she got out of her house and started to chase us down the street to tell us more! We told her we would come back another day...

Albe has a smoking problem, but I've seen a lot worse. I think she can stop in a little bit of time. Adi has no problems stopping him from being baptized and we have the 5th marked. Everytime we leave their house, we leave happy :)

Bru has accepted baptism for the 5th. He is the easiest person to teach. While we are teaching, he takes the words right out of our mouth and says, "I've already studied that part." haha!

I love those moments when the person learns something and accepts it. We taught a couple the other day who asked, "I'm Gospelic and she is Catholic. What makes your religion so different?" .... I'm glad you asked... We taught the Restoration and he said, "You answered my question." :P
His name is Mar.

It was a good week and we are excited for Pat's Baptism on Saturday!

Elder Koby Sullivan

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