Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Aug. 17, 2015 comp got wisdom teeth out, Kyson called it p week

         Week 61

Wow. This week was interesting. 

I watched my companion get his teeth pulled. That was my first time and my last time I will stay to watch that. It was gross...bleh. 

I tried to get someone to work with me while my companion was down, but I nobody could come with me, so I had to stay with my companion. 

We received a referral from some other missionaries on the mission and they passed to the secretaries the address, then it went to another group of elders to us. When it got to us, it was all messed up. The house did not exist. The assistants called us asking why we didn´t visit the guy, because the guy called the office. Then we explained everything and we finally have the correct address. His name is Bruno and he is way cool. We showed up to his house and he was extremely curious about the church. I have never taught the Restoration so easily on the mission before. Só ouro.

We took Adi to a Family Home evening with Euri (iri). However, his wife couldn´t go because she is really sick from cancer in the liver. She is really weak and we have given her a blessing. She is way nice and everytime we go to their house, she is calling us angels and we just want to help her. 

We were with Julio one night and he offered us a ride home. Well, his car has a sun roof and my companion had never looked out while the car was moving, so we both looked out at the same time. While we were out, Julio was clever enough to wash his window....We got really wet. Nice one Julio :)

Have a Boa Semana!

Elder Koby Sullivan

Hey! It's Koby! Just sending this quick email from Julio's house/email. I love you guys :) talk to ya monday.

P. S. Awesome food!

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