Thursday, September 10, 2015

Aug. 31, 2015 she forgot her own baptism

          Week 63

It was raining this week, so that made the week a lot more interesting. I think it was more interesting because everyone´s umbrella broke... We were able to bare it though.

I ate some sushi for the first time. Our good friend Jun took us out to dinner. I didn't think that I would like the sushi, but he got the salmon and I ate a ton. I really enjoyed the Japanese food. I am also pro with chop-sticks now :)

We found some good investigators this week. We met a man named Vir. He is by far the richest investigator that I have had. He is about 40-50 years old and he is retired. He seems really interested in the BOM. 

We also found a family of five. We taught the Restauration. She told us some stories about why she doesn't like her religion and she has called a leader in that religion a false prophet, so she doesn't know who to trust. We asked her what would change in her life if she were to know that the BOM was true and she said that everything would change. She even called us the other day because she was really scared of a payment that she couldn't handle, so she has a lot of trust in us.

Patricia (julio's wife) is the newest member of the Piracicaba 2nd ward!!! I have never seen so much cake at a baptism! It was great. I called Julio the baptism to see where they were at. Well, he told me that they had forgotten about the baptism and that they were in another city. My heart dropped... He showed up one minute after.
He pulled another joke with her confirmation. He said that he forgot that the confirmation was on the day after and that he was with family. My heart fell again, but while we were still on the phone, their son came running out from the other side of the church. That was a huge relief!

Boa Semana!

Elder Koby Sullivan

Patricia´s baptism!

for Barbacues we eat this. 

​Sight seeing.


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